The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi provides a solid academic foundation & a rich extra-curricular programme supplemented by an educational programme that includes three care principles “Universal Values, Leadership qualities and Forward Thinking”- which are part and parcel of the planned curriculum woven throughout the fabric of school life.

Our school is a place of utmost discipline. Provisions are made for the rectification & refinement of character; so that in his/her earliest years,the divine foundation be laid & the structure of holiness will be raised up.

Santhinikethanam Central School provides high quality holistic education to the students from kindergarten to higher classes. A strong emphasis on academic excellence backed by a rich extracurricular programme aims to equip our students with the knowledge & skills that will prepare them to meet the challenges in the future.

Parent Body

The Patharam Educational & Cultural Society was founded with the Objectives:-

  • To work for Social, Cultural, Educational and Economic enhancement of the society.
  • To work for mental and physical improvement of the public.
  • To work in art and cultural activities in coordination with similar organizations.
  • Message
  • Digital Class Rooms
  • Yoga
  • Dance, Music Painting & Drawing
  • Theatre Workshops
  • Counselling, various camps Exposures, Exhibitions
  • Regular Health check ups
  • Club activities:

             »   Mathrubhumi seed club
             »   Manorama Nanma club

  • Scout & Guides, Judo
  • Indoor and Outdoor games
  • Work experience includes Computer Application, Repairing electronic gadgets, Agriculture, etc
  • Introduction of vocational courses in next academic year.
  • Civil Service Foundation Course
  • Bridge course and Crash course (Entrance Oriented)
  • CCTV Monitoring & Military Discipline